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Abused Children Heard Everywhere

“The ACHE Foundation is our way to stop child molestation. We want to help all molested or abused children who are afraid to come forward. We believe that by coming forward we are STRONGER NOW.” — Alexa and Courtney

Courtney and Alexa - ACHE Foundation

We all want to keep our children safe. Giving them the courage to come forward if someone is hurting them is a powerful start. Courtney and Alexa are willing to help by telling their stories. For more information about the ACHE Foundation and its outreach programs for school, youth and athletic groups, please contact the Director of Communications at

Be sure to check our blog, where we will post updates on what we’re up to!


Pleasanton Weekly Cover StoryCourtney and Alexa and the ACHE Foundation were the featured cover story in the Plesanton Weekly newspaper on July 11, 2008.

In April of 2007, Alexa and Courtney were on the Montel Williams Show and they have done two follow up shows in January and March of 2008 on sexual abuse and the ACHE Foundation. Since the Montel show aired, we have received many, many responses from people writing to us about their own abuse and how inspiring Alexa and Courtney are for speaking out to help other children.

In addition, Alexa and Courtney and the ACHE Foundation were featured in segments on the ESPN E:60 news program and ABC’s Good Morning America on April 15, 2008. Please check them out and leave a comment so we and other visitors can hear your opinion. Here are direct links to the videos:


We’d like to help those that are abused to tell their stories in order to help other children have the strength to come forward and be protected. Please consider sharing your story in our guestbook. Only a name that you choose will be displayed, no other personal information.


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